Civil-Site Engineering

07109-199-01 Bradenton Waterfront Park 08Jones Edmunds has civil engineers experienced in all facets of site work and utility requirements. Our team includes civil and geotechnical engineers as well as environmental engineers and scientists. Services we offer include the following:

  • Site Grading and Drainage
  • Water Systems
  • Wastewater Systems
  • Parking and Paving
  • Stormwater Management
  • Access Roads
  • Geotechnical/Evaluations
  • Environmental Assessments

The Jones Edmunds team members’ experience extends over a broad range of facility types, including governmental, educational, utility, military, medical, commercial, institutional, and manufacturing. In addition to our extensive design capabilities, we offer complete construction-phase services from bidding and contractor selection through facility certification and occupancy.

Jones Edmunds has a breadth of experience with permitting requirements throughout Florida.  We have established relationships based on a solid technical and professional reputation with members of the regulatory community, including the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and Water Management District staff.  We work with them regularly to meet local, state, and federal requirements on projects.  Working with these regulatory professionals, we have achieved permit conditions for our clients that have resulted in financial savings while maintaining the environmental integrity of facilities.