New Choices to Improve Long-Term Gas Collection Well Performance

It is exciting to see new innovative technologies being evaluated to help Florida’s solid waste industry find ways to increase landfill capacity while maintaining and expanding landfill gas collection efforts.

Vertical gas collection wells are the most widely used method of landfill gas collection, but there are challenges to this that reduces their long-term performance and make expanding vertical wells difficult.

A new drainage system named the “i-well” helps to eliminate the need for long-term dewatering, allowing liquids to constantly drain to the bottom liner and directly into the leachate. It also helps to reduce construction cost by eliminating additional well drilling and provides for early gas collection as waste is placed.

Rather than drilling a new well, the existing well or i-well can be modified to perforate a portion of the solid pipe using a new tool called the Termite Well PerforatorTM. This tool greatly helps to maximize gas collection while greatly reducing construction costs.

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Tobin McKnight, PE, Department Manager, Solid Waste
Jones Edmunds & Associates, Inc.
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