Engineering Rocks Podcast with Rick Hutton

April 20, 2021

Jones Edmunds’ latest Engineering Rocks Podcast featured Senior Vice President Brian Icerman’s debut as our interviewer. He spoke with Rick Hutton, PE, President of the FWEA Utility Council and a Supervising Engineer at Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU). Fun fact, Rick is also a member of Crooked Counsel, a rock ‘n’ roll band in Gainesville in which he plays lead guitar and sings. For the past year, Rick has served as the President of the FWEA Utility Council. The Utility Council consists of utilities from around the state working together to assist its members in achieving sound public health and environmental goals.

Rick shared some insights into some of the challenges utilities will face in the next 5 to 10 years, as well as policies and regulations we may see from our state legislature and FDEP and how it may impact utilities statewide. Some of the significant challenges are aging infrastructure, resiliency and sustainability in light of climate change, and water supply. “Florida has the lowest rates for water and wastewater in the country, and we are facing some of the steepest challenges on water supply and water quality,” said Rick.

Jones Edmunds values our long relationship with GRU and has been collaborating with GRU on engineering and environmental solutions for decades, including the design and permitting of the Sweetwater Wetlands Park.

Watch this or any of the Engineering Rocks Podcasts HERE and watch for our next podcast coming soon.

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