FSA’s Highest-Attended Webinar

March 25, 2021

On March 18, Jones Edmunds Sr. Vice President Brett Cunningham co-presented with Alachua County Stormwater Engineer Shane Williams on the Florida Stormwater Association’s (FSA) highest-attended webinar to date! The webinar on Updating Statewide Stormwater Design Criteria had over 400 attendees and highlighted the importance of the topic and the timeliness of FSA’s presentation.

Brett, who is a FSA Past President and current Chair of the FSA Educational Foundation​​​​​​​, and Shane gave a similar presentation at the FSA Annual Conference, and it was one of the highest rated. FSA has recently taken their highest-rated presentations and turned them into webinars. There was even more reason to do that for this topic since the rulemaking is a work in progress that has evolved since the Annual Conference. Brett remarked that, “This is a much-needed update to stormwater design criteria to keep the burden of future pollutant load reductions from falling on cities and counties.”

Excess nutrients are the leading cause of impairment in Florida’s surface water bodies. The 2020 Clean Waterways Act directs the FDEP and the Water Management Districts to update and improve stormwater design and operation regulations. A 2007 study showed that the existing criteria were not adequate to protect receiving waters from stormwater runoff, but efforts to update the criteria were abandoned in 2010. This webinar reviewed the background of Florida’s statewide stormwater rule, examined the initiatives undertaken in 2010, and reviewed the objectives of and progress made on the current rulemaking effort. Watch a recording of the webinar on FSA’s website: Webinars (florida-stormwater.org).

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