Meet Water Resources Managing Director and Senior VP, Brett Cunningham

March 5, 2021

Senior Vice President and Water Resources Managing Director Brett Cunningham joined the Jones Edmunds family in 2001, coming to us from Austin, Texas. He had previous stays in Jacksonville, Florida, and Fairfax County, Virginia, where he was a national expert in stormwater and wastewater master planning for an international consulting firm. Even before his first day on the job during his move from Austin, Brett made a stop in Destin, Florida to present with our team on a stormwater master plan opportunity. His expertise carried the day and we won the job. Since then, Brett has led Jones Edmunds to become one of the premier watershed management planning firms in the state. He is also a Florida Stormwater Association Past President and the current FSA Educational Foundation President. Brett’s expertise extends to flood protection, water quality, water supply, natural systems, integrated water resources planning, wastewater system modeling and infiltration and inflow (I&I). But…there is more to Brett than all things water. Learn more about Brett:

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