Peer Review by David Yonge

May 6, 2021

Jones Edmunds Project Manager David Yonge, PhD, PE recently served as an external peer reviewer for the University of Central Florida’s Environmental Engineering Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Design course. Each year the class is taught, a panel of professional engineers review examples of senior undergraduate work products and serve as judges for student team oral presentations summarizing the details of their respective design components. David played the role of one of the selection committee members serving as the Director of Finance and Purchasing. He and three other members of the “committee” judged three different groups of senior environmental engineering students as they presented their design of a fictional reverse osmosis process treating brackish groundwater for the City of Knight, a coastal resort community.

The purpose of the design course is to provide the students with an introduction to and understanding of the application of systems design criteria to specify a full-scale water treatment plant with the final assignment being a presentation of the students’ WTP design to industry leaders who are professional engineers. David said, “This event serves as a great opportunity to meet aspiring engineers and help them out by sharing experience and feedback. Having been a student through this course at UCF, I much preferred playing the role of the client in this mock scenario rather than being a student presenter!

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